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We went to twitch gaming streamers and donated a lot of money in various ways. A lot of the streamers we picked are Fortnite streamers. featuring @FaZe Nikan @TeaWap . This is part of my ongoing Fortnite Donating To Twitch Streamers series.

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  1. FaZe Jarvis
    FaZe Jarvis
    Prije mjesec

    Support my channel by playing Mobile Legends: Adventure: bit.ly/MLAxFaZeJarvis Use my code: 69NHGN2223W for an exclusive bonus

    1. B@ckSTreeTSteve
      Prije 2 dana

      @JAPSLYNXEU I think ur grandma does

      Prije 2 dana

      @B@ckSTreeTSteve I think ur dad does

    3. B@ckSTreeTSteve
      Prije 2 dana

      @JAPSLYNXEU I think ur mom does

      Prije 13 dana

      @Crystian Velasquez why you so mean

    5. Fearless
      Prije 16 dana

      Have a good day Jarvis

  2. BʀᴀTᴢʏ
    Prije sat

    There is the second mobile legend is call mobile legend bang bang

  3. Nicholas Brownlee
    Nicholas Brownlee
    Prije sat


  4. Jose Miguel Galan
    Jose Miguel Galan
    Prije 2 sati

    My man basically turned int MrBeast for like idk 3 hrs (in his time)

  5. Joseph Valencia
    Joseph Valencia
    Prije 3 sati

    ayyy u got pier in there!!! lesgoooo

  6. EricGotMillieŠ _
    EricGotMillieŠ _
    Prije 4 sati

    2:54 nobody likes. Comercials

  7. Anessa Borgwardt
    Anessa Borgwardt
    Prije 4 sati


  8. Loganfootball
    Prije 7 sati

    I am watching this thinking what a knock out

  9. Rise Raids13
    Rise Raids13
    Prije 9 sati

    She could have used an auto clicker

  10. Boyo
    Prije 9 sati

    Me watching this afternoon in knockout

  11. kexi miesツ
    kexi miesツ
    Prije 15 sati

    I alr play that game

  12. _cliff
    Prije dan

    me being a person who gets a 24 cps butterfly click i would get easy money

  13. Kamrul987 Richard linda987**
    Kamrul987 Richard linda987**
    Prije dan

    The madly silica notably call because freeze peroperativly remind besides a dreary eggplant. murky, handsomely beret

  14. Panzereik
    Prije dan

    I followed on your HRfire channel :)

  15. Taxal
    Prije dan

    do me id make you broke lol

  16. DAN-XO XO
    Prije dan

    Me with an autoclicker 😏

  17. Kingfiin -
    Kingfiin -
    Prije dan

    its all fun and games till Jarvis wants to box

  18. Dan Toal
    Dan Toal
    Prije dan

    did anyone see this vid on WILLNE???

  19. Pavle X1
    Pavle X1
    Prije dan

    mr beast aint got nothing on jarvis

  20. RF Adelix
    RF Adelix
    Prije dan

    wheres my 10 cents

  21. Azain Kahn
    Azain Kahn
    Prije dan


  22. Ajwad Sayyid
    Ajwad Sayyid
    Prije dan

    Imagine if she had autoclick jarvis will be bankrupt

  23. Jordan Fink
    Jordan Fink
    Prije dan

    The one who’s mom said the food is bussin sheesh is a TikToker

  24. blockily
    Prije dan

    Auto Clickers: "Sry, how much money did you get?"

  25. Rbc owl
    Rbc owl
    Prije dan

    8:25 I have the same headset as his

  26. JayWitDaAk
    Prije 2 dana

    7:03 She got a jets hoodie and i love the jets!!!

  27. BoogzEU
    Prije 2 dana

    minecraft players rn : 👁👄👁

  28. Cameron Bonnett
    Cameron Bonnett
    Prije 2 dana


  29. Jack Teckers
    Jack Teckers
    Prije 2 dana


  30. TheJawSpinner
    Prije 2 dana

    Ok Mr Beast

  31. Ethan Maclang
    Ethan Maclang
    Prije 2 dana

    R.I.P Jarvis Bank Acc Cause of death: donating to streamers

  32. HaxzooGaming
    Prije 2 dana


  33. Yocito luvs you
    Yocito luvs you
    Prije 2 dana

    her not buying the upgrades in cockieclicker and realises that she could have made more money (•_•)

  34. Soccer_vibes S
    Soccer_vibes S
    Prije 3 dana


  35. scoop v
    scoop v
    Prije 3 dana

    Drag cliker be like my time to shine

  36. Omegacos7
    Prije 3 dana

    Imagine that streamer just drag click in that cookie

  37. Matthew The coolest
    Matthew The coolest
    Prije 3 dana

    #free Jarvis

  38. Cj Daoggoat
    Cj Daoggoat
    Prije 3 dana

    Oh yea the video isn’t the only thing that’s bussin that wallet isn’t bussin

  39. Lincoln Brennan
    Lincoln Brennan
    Prije 3 dana

    This is awesome faze jarvis

  40. NotMystic
    Prije 3 dana

    Jarvis Da Best

  41. XxcritixXx Slayer
    XxcritixXx Slayer
    Prije 3 dana

    How can he be today years old if he not a year lol 🤣🤣🤣 scammed

  42. floatssyy
    Prije 3 dana

    Jarvis i like martist to ;)

  43. Rey REYES
    Rey REYES
    Prije 4 dana

    I clicked a million in like 10 minutes btw I am not lying

  44. erikalvrz24
    Prije 4 dana


  45. Connor Tatum
    Connor Tatum
    Prije 4 dana

    Post twist: Jarvis gets banned on mobile legends too

  46. fnatic_ red
    fnatic_ red
    Prije 4 dana

    Bruh that's mlbb ADVENTURE The original is way better

  47. Hyper_wolf123 Yt
    Hyper_wolf123 Yt
    Prije 4 dana


  48. HYP3 NaRuTo
    HYP3 NaRuTo
    Prije 4 dana

    my favorite hero is fanny

  49. HYP3 NaRuTo
    HYP3 NaRuTo
    Prije 4 dana

    eyy bro u play mobile legends whats ur favorite hero?

  50. Gamer shadow X
    Gamer shadow X
    Prije 4 dana


  51. Cash Crain
    Cash Crain
    Prije 5 dana

    Nice guy clix0

  52. Chandler Hudson
    Chandler Hudson
    Prije 5 dana

    She could make money but her arm will get tired

  53. Lecify1x
    Prije 5 dana

    if i was the girl i wouldve used auto clicker lol

  54. Chicken Nugget boy
    Chicken Nugget boy
    Prije 5 dana


  55. debilek
    Prije 5 dana

    giving me the mr beast vibes

  56. Mysavige 72
    Mysavige 72
    Prije 5 dana

    Where is my cookie????????

  57. Tanush M
    Tanush M
    Prije 5 dana

    when u clicked this and were disappointed that there wasn't a dime next to u

  58. Mr Treat
    Mr Treat
    Prije 5 dana

    It's all fun and games until one of them pulls out auto clicker

    1. Saad Anwar
      Saad Anwar
      Prije 2 dana

      I thought the same thing

  59. TheAwsomeGamingBrothers
    Prije 5 dana


  60. jay111
    Prije 6 dana


  61. corrupted lemon
    corrupted lemon
    Prije 6 dana

    It can freeze after 500000 yrs

  62. Heo Gayoon
    Heo Gayoon
    Prije 6 dana


  63. Fireblox Gaming
    Fireblox Gaming
    Prije 6 dana

    drag click

  64. Grayson Kuykendall
    Grayson Kuykendall
    Prije 7 dana

    Free Jarvis fortnite and twich

  65. David Savage
    David Savage
    Prije 7 dana

    What do you mean that jarvis was banned from fortnite

  66. Danny Russell
    Danny Russell
    Prije 7 dana

    Mr. Beast looks different now

  67. Bobbi Higgins
    Bobbi Higgins
    Prije 7 dana

    This video is bussing sheeesh

  68. Mckillip Spencer
    Mckillip Spencer
    Prije 8 dana

    Choosys mom is coming in clutch

  69. Xsad
    Prije 8 dana


  70. That Bird Eren
    That Bird Eren
    Prije 8 dana


  71. Drawit
    Prije 8 dana

    Thats a W

  72. W-A-R-P-I-G
    Prije 8 dana

    I have clicked the cookie endless amount of times. I at least need 10 cents

  73. Melody Buan
    Melody Buan
    Prije 9 dana

    can you play mobile legends next video

  74. Moonke PRO
    Moonke PRO
    Prije 9 dana

    i clicked the cookie

  75. Gautam Balu
    Gautam Balu
    Prije 9 dana

    These guys are the sheesh cats

  76. Judy Potts
    Judy Potts
    Prije 9 dana

    this vid bussin

  77. bugahlu
    Prije 9 dana


  78. Caincoleone
    Prije 9 dana

    Mr jarvis

  79. Nestor Hernandez Aguilar
    Nestor Hernandez Aguilar
    Prije 9 dana


  80. Alexandros123gaming
    Prije 9 dana


  81. Memey boi
    Memey boi
    Prije 9 dana


  82. Cyrus Carcueva
    Cyrus Carcueva
    Prije 9 dana

    good thing im not in there because I have infinite cookies with hacks

  83. Rajon Joseph
    Rajon Joseph
    Prije 10 dana

    u can send it at my go fund me page raeon2435

  84. Jamie Stout
    Jamie Stout
    Prije 10 dana


  85. Zachary Rhinehart
    Zachary Rhinehart
    Prije 10 dana

    The girl with the cookies could've just installed an auto clicker

  86. Yo
    Prije 10 dana

    Auto clickers exist 😱😱😱💯💯🤯

  87. Daily memes
    Daily memes
    Prije 10 dana

    Jarvis simping

  88. drippylevin
    Prije 10 dana

    All i say is that i am german and i also play minecraft and i am getting - knockback

  89. Barz Tatted
    Barz Tatted
    Prije 10 dana

    hi mate!

  90. Satish Uprety
    Satish Uprety
    Prije 10 dana

    The imaginary mint utrastructurally matter because explanation ethically crawl with a greedy swing. bad, delicious australian

  91. Slay Tion Gaming
    Slay Tion Gaming
    Prije 10 dana

    Mobile legend Adventure

  92. Jacob Andersen
    Jacob Andersen
    Prije 10 dana

    Mini mrbeast

  93. Skxz Shorts
    Skxz Shorts
    Prije 11 dana

    God loves y’all and Jesus Christ is coming

  94. Dy2a
    Prije 11 dana

    I’d use my auto clicker and put the clock time 0 milliseconds

  95. Code L0L
    Code L0L
    Prije 11 dana


  96. Trippy_Rex
    Prije 11 dana

    Love the channel jarvisss

  97. The Cubing guy
    The Cubing guy
    Prije 11 dana

    This would be perfect for me I drag and butterfly click

  98. Anthonio contreras
    Anthonio contreras
    Prije 11 dana


  99. HamzaTheBeast ☠︎︎❦シ
    HamzaTheBeast ☠︎︎❦シ
    Prije 11 dana

    Oh god the fist streamer looks like Hannah without pink hair xD btw when you beat Kay in Pokemon unboxing you were hacking my guy

  100. Sigve Sivertsen
    Sigve Sivertsen
    Prije 11 dana

    Nikan is like we should give him more money. Jarvis like ok😩😰😨