YOUTUBE vs TIKTOK: Guess Who Challenge

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HRfire vs. TIKTOK Guess Who Challenge featuring @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Kay @HanRidge
The winner gets the brand new DJI FPV DRONE!!

The HRfirers in this are MrBeast, KSI aka JJ Olatunji, Niko Omilana, Logan Paul, Casey Neistat, Jake Paul, Danny Duncan, Austin McBroom from TheAceFamily, Tanner Fox. A lot of them are in the HRfire vs TikTok boxing event.

The TikTokers in this video are Bella Poarch, Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Dixie D'Amelio, Lil Huddy, Zach King, Bryce Hall. All these celebrities, influencers, are in a compilation on this board game. The goal is to Guess The HRfirer or Guess The TikToker that the opponent have picked

🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss


  1. Yasser Zguiouar
    Yasser Zguiouar
    Prije 12 sati

    The world's most expensive drone in las vegas lmaoo.

  2. Graudaco
    Prije 20 sati

    Hunnah defo topped Jarv off after the fight

    1. Graudaco
      Prije 20 sati


  3. Angel’s Tutorial
    Angel’s Tutorial
    Prije dan

    Good job on the fight knockout was crazy

  4. Fatal_ Raider12
    Fatal_ Raider12
    Prije dan

    Who’s here after the fight? Jarvis destroyed!!!🥳🥳🥳

  5. Gaming Ahmad
    Gaming Ahmad
    Prije 2 dana

    I’m a kid

  6. Gaming Ahmad
    Gaming Ahmad
    Prije 2 dana


  7. Tiezeek Scott
    Tiezeek Scott
    Prije 8 dana

    Yes Sir

  8. Lucy Tanner
    Lucy Tanner
    Prije 8 dana

    Am I the only one who said sheeesh when they did at the beginning LOL

    1. Graudaco
      Prije 20 sati

      Grow up please

  9. King Dior
    King Dior
    Prije 10 dana


    1. King Dior
      King Dior
      Prije 13 sati

      @Graudaco yea

    2. Graudaco
      Prije 20 sati

      Noel from tmg?

  10. Braydon Gosnell
    Braydon Gosnell
    Prije 11 dana


  11. Dabiboujia
    Prije 11 dana

    It´s me or the box drone is empty?

  12. Filip Ivanovic
    Filip Ivanovic
    Prije 12 dana

    am i only one realese that deji and jake paul were in match plus they both yt and it says yt vs tik tok

  13. Andrea Yang
    Andrea Yang
    Prije 12 dana

    The hushed cattle increasingly use because geometry medicinally pat after a kaput marble. madly, stereotyped beef

  14. Youtube ZaY
    Youtube ZaY
    Prije 12 dana

    In a bit count please

  15. Thoni
    Prije 13 dana

    Trynna violate gib saying he is irrelevant my guy ain’t irrelevant he’s a goat

  16. DP Kicks
    DP Kicks
    Prije 18 dana

    7:40 They forget to get rid of Bella Poarch She's 24 9:50 The reason they lose

    Prije 19 dana

    How they got ksi and and and deji and logan paul

  18. _axzyl_
    Prije 20 dana

    I am gonna go get the rest and get back on your feet please lettuce please allow the water and I will be back on this one day now and I dont know what I want to do long enough for you and I will be able into your day to be safe and you can just get me to dont you think you can get a heart rate of a second

  19. Happy Basra
    Happy Basra
    Prije 21 dan

    Can you do Guess who WWE Superstars Edidon

  20. Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez
    Prije 21 dan


  21. NoluvTay
    Prije 21 dan

    Entertainment vs Cringe addition basically

  22. Jace Larson
    Jace Larson
    Prije 25 dana

    Bro Bella poarch is 24 you would’ve picked between too then 💀

  23. Yuvi
    Prije 25 dana

    Gib isn’t irrelevant u dummy. Gib is a goat

  24. That one Dude
    That one Dude
    Prije 25 dana

    “In a bit”

  25. Tommy Bartal
    Tommy Bartal
    Prije 26 dana

    Lol I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow early morning

  26. NinjaChris
    Prije 26 dana

    I didn’t know Zack king was gonna be in The HRfire vs Tiktok boxing

  27. Greypill
    Prije 27 dana

    “World’s expensive drone in Las Vegas” 😀

  28. Kenneth Mozo
    Kenneth Mozo
    Prije 28 dana

    And are you guys actually poor

  29. Tyler Breeze
    Tyler Breeze
    Prije 28 dana

    These videos are set up. They always go to round 3 in every video to get a longer video.

  30. b e e f y. b o y
    b e e f y. b o y
    Prije 29 dana

    9:41 hannah says it is between bella and micheal And then at 10:10 she said she knew it was tanner???? I am confusion

  31. carap8405
    Prije 29 dana

    And they had a boxing match

  32. PHSYCO
    Prije 29 dana

    jarvy u could have asked is ur person a psycho lol

  33. Linka Esther AGASARO
    Linka Esther AGASARO
    Prije 29 dana

    Wat was nikan speaking to teawap

  34. Bigm
    Prije mjesec

    Round 1 both guessed it right of the bat. Both the teams had two brothers left at the end. They had all boxed eachother. And both the teams had the little brother.

  35. Enly Vasquez
    Enly Vasquez
    Prije mjesec

    I love these guess who videos

  36. Pycsor1K
    Prije mjesec

    the box is literally empty LMFAO

  37. ツCabbe & Corre
    ツCabbe & Corre
    Prije mjesec

    Sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪👍

  38. ツCabbe & Corre
    ツCabbe & Corre
    Prije mjesec

    I’m in sweden to

  39. lonzyly FN
    lonzyly FN
    Prije mjesec


  40. NethanDC music
    NethanDC music
    Prije mjesec

    3:50 Kay: "We want the world's most expensive drone in Las Vegas"... um okay*

  41. Frost Plays
    Frost Plays
    Prije mjesec

    Love the show but all the one I watch Jarvis never wins

  42. Ayaan Sunesara
    Ayaan Sunesara
    Prije mjesec


  43. Matrix 831
    Matrix 831
    Prije mjesec

    Wait can anyone explain how does the gane work lol I’ve never seen this before!!

  44. Xxxtentacion4life
    Prije mjesec

    Why did you guys not put mindorez he a HRfirer and your friend

  45. xMACx SwEaTy
    xMACx SwEaTy
    Prije mjesec

    At the end the box was open lol

  46. Jaydon Johnson
    Jaydon Johnson
    Prije mjesec


  47. RZD Lxcky
    RZD Lxcky
    Prije mjesec

    3:50"I want the WORLD's most expensive drone in Las Vagas"

  48. Nahas Elias
    Nahas Elias
    Prije mjesec

    For next time guys gib is from Saudi Arabia

  49. DeadSpy
    Prije mjesec

    Bella poarch is 24 they could have won

  50. Zac Hewton
    Zac Hewton
    Prije mjesec

    Did I hear Jarvis say F*** yes 6:15

  51. Alphonso Duncan
    Alphonso Duncan
    Prije mjesec

    Hannah is so 🤢 get with sommer again

  52. Bradley Holroyd
    Bradley Holroyd
    Prije mjesec

    The box was empty bruh😏

  53. VeltixYouTube
    Prije mjesec

    I love how 1 team ended up with ksi and Deji and the other with jake Paul and Logan Paul

  54. Kaua Lima
    Kaua Lima
    Prije mjesec

    hannah threw big tmr

  55. IceyAstro
    Prije mjesec

    Them: Sheeeshh Me: SHEEEEEEEEEESHHHHH!!

  56. Frostx_liam
    Prije mjesec

    Jarvis hasn’t missed in a minute

  57. Margaret Ross
    Margaret Ross
    Prije mjesec

    Ynw Corday v Danny duncan

  58. Luiss
    Prije mjesec

    Do guess the boxer

  59. Lil_BABY CODM
    Prije mjesec

    10:13 like how he just throws it

  60. Lil_BABY CODM
    Prije mjesec

    Wonder why they dont say is your character a girl or boy

  61. Lil_BABY CODM
    Prije mjesec

    0:49 hannah and jarvis knew already what they had

  62. mercedes
    Prije mjesec

    the disrespect putting ksi and jake paul together in the thumbnail

  63. KBSOfficialBTHD
    Prije mjesec

    WDYM Deji doesn't make real music - ur putting Jake Paul who made Everyday Bro over Deji he made Playboy Mansion, The Truth etc.

  64. Avigat Gupta
    Avigat Gupta
    Prije mjesec

    3:50 "The worlds most expensive drone in Las vegas" 😂

  65. Kristic
    Prije mjesec

    “World’s” most expensive drone in “las vegas”

  66. Darcy Jones
    Darcy Jones
    Prije mjesec

    I was so shocked when they just said sheesh and Hannah instantly thought of theres

  67. Full Send
    Full Send
    Prije mjesec

    Bella Poarch is 24 lol

  68. Hassan Reemaz
    Hassan Reemaz
    Prije mjesec

    Respect jarvis for saying that about Gib❤❤

  69. Xx_JAM_xX Gamez
    Xx_JAM_xX Gamez
    Prije mjesec

    I'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘ ᵇ ˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ

  70. Peti csatorna
    Peti csatorna
    Prije mjesec

    "Have they attempted to make real music not just HRfire Diss Tracks?" "Yes" *puts down PewDiePie* Mine All Day: Am I a joke to you?

    1. KBSOfficialBTHD
      Prije mjesec

      and deji

  71. Professor Noob
    Professor Noob
    Prije mjesec

    My dogs crap > tiktokers

  72. Justnoble
    Prije mjesec

    I think the box is empty 😂😂

  73. Dancing skils
    Dancing skils
    Prije mjesec

    where do you find those board cards

  74. Naum Nikoloski
    Naum Nikoloski
    Prije mjesec


  75. Samarth Maladkar
    Samarth Maladkar
    Prije mjesec

    Round 1 Jake & Logan and KSI and Deji

  76. Richlove Elizabeth Ferrer
    Richlove Elizabeth Ferrer
    Prije mjesec

    hello shout out poo

  77. Abishek.XOXO._.
    Prije mjesec

  78. Shikhar Gupta
    Shikhar Gupta
    Prije mjesec

    3:50 what did he just say?

  79. Khristopher Hammick
    Khristopher Hammick
    Prije mjesec

    Scam me when u want scam me when u want scam me by ur name

  80. ItzDTv
    Prije mjesec

    No one gonna talk bout that repeat at 2:59 nice one i just reconized it

  81. Teagen Niemeyer
    Teagen Niemeyer
    Prije mjesec

    Jarvis definitely posts what Kay calls wet content

  82. FN_Clapzy
    Prije mjesec

    It’s all hannas fault

  83. gifted picker
    gifted picker
    Prije mjesec

    pewdiepie made one

  84. J D
    J D
    Prije mjesec

    How do u get this game youtube edition

  85. Claire Lihou
    Claire Lihou
    Prije mjesec

    You put deji to sub to

  86. Optic StarSky
    Optic StarSky
    Prije mjesec

    At the end I swear I saw the box already open

  87. Jeidz Gaming
    Jeidz Gaming
    Prije mjesec

    Is jarvis even training?

  88. MinhProVjjp
    Prije mjesec


  89. Deejay MamphoZA - Topic
    Deejay MamphoZA - Topic
    Prije mjesec

    Wowow I knew that there is nothing in the box. Wo

  90. Zeke Smith 3736
    Zeke Smith 3736
    Prije mjesec

    Jarvis u got this in the bag I'm not actually a faze fan I came from the sidemen fanbase to tell you team HRfire is behind you

  91. HighFiveFoxy
    Prije mjesec

    Bella Poarch is overrated

  92. kevo5k keane
    kevo5k keane
    Prije mjesec

    Know way they came back like that

  93. king Jahlani
    king Jahlani
    Prije mjesec


  94. Lard 4PF
    Lard 4PF
    Prije mjesec

    why did no one say are they youtuber or tiktoker

  95. Muhammad Dawood
    Muhammad Dawood
    Prije mjesec

    tanner fox is 22

  96. Captain JoJo
    Captain JoJo
    Prije mjesec

    Don’t gotta disrespect my boy big gibber 😂

  97. Andrea Silva
    Andrea Silva
    Prije mjesec

    Mack more of this viedios

  98. YoMomLuvsBoss
    Prije mjesec


  99. William Sholtz
    William Sholtz
    Prije mjesec


  100. Diparsan Kharel
    Diparsan Kharel
    Prije mjesec

    We want the worlds most expensive drone in Las Vegas 😂